Tips for choosing a university in the UK

More and more future students visit the universities they are interested in before making a choice. Why is it important to visit the universities that interest you and what should you remember about these open days?

For many students, studying in the UK means leaving their home and country

You need to be sure that the university is the right choice for you before committing to a minimum of three years of study, or even more if you decide to pursue a degree in Scotland for example (4 years of study for a Bachelor's degree). Open days are an ideal way to get your first experience of university life in the UK. Whether you prefer campus life with residences and lecture halls nearby or a student experience in the big city, these days are designed to give you an insight into student life. During an open day, you can take a guided tour of the university, visit lecture halls and classrooms, laboratories, halls of residence, sports facilities and the student union (the student union, with a bar, cafe, shop and information desk).

Visiting the university before making a decision can also help you avoid disappointment

If you start your year and realise that the place is not what you expected. Here are our 6 tips for making the most of your open house:
  • Ask someone to accompany you. Open days are often held on weekends, which allows parents or others to accompany you. Although it is sometimes helpful to have a second opinion, remember that it is you who will be spending a minimum of three years here and not your parents.
  • Find out beforehand. Some universities offer special days for each course. You can usually find a programme online and register beforehand to take part in events during the day.
  • Take photos to remind you. It's difficult to absorb everything in one day. If you are visiting several universities, the photos and notes will help you make a decision.
  • Prepare questions beforehand. Open days are a very good opportunity to ask students and professors questions. They can give you a more real picture of life on campus than you will find in a brochure.
  • Visit the accommodation and talk with students about their experience in the halls of residence. Do they recommend residences with independent cooking or with meals included? It is useful to do some research on the different prices beforehand.
  • If the university you are visiting is your second choice, you should ask yourself, "Do I really want to study here if I am not accepted for my first choice? ยป
  • Do not hesitate to contact the university if you are unable to attend the open days: most institutions can arrange for you to visit the premises on another day with a student 'ambassador'. If you are unable to travel, more and more universities offer online virtual tours.
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How to choose the right university?

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