Good reasons to study in France

France, this hexagon which sometimes intrigues, sometimes moves and more often fascinates. This tumult of feelings pushes us to explore all the facets of this destination. And what better than university studies to make an emergence in the depths of this country. Indeed, opting for France as a destination for university studies, post-graduate and doctoral studies appear to be an obvious choice for several reasons:

A university education of excellence

It is diversified, dynamic, targeted and adapted to all needs.

A financial advantage

The French state finances a very significant part of the real cost of each student's studies.

World-class research

France devotes 2.27% of its gdp to research and development. It ranks 7th in terms of world share of scientific publications and 4th in the world in theEuropean patents. In 16 of the 55 field medals were awarded to French nationals.

An economic powerhouse

France is endowed with a vast territory, with varied aptitudes and open to the seas and oceans. France is also an agricultural and industrial economic power that has a An indelible imprint in the construction of Europe since 1957: France has played a leading role in the EU in economic and political terms.

An attractive destination for international students

France is the 4th destination for African and European students thanks to social benefits, an intense cultural life and a promising professional integration.

An ecosystem that is attractive to innovation and young entrepreneurs

France is the 1st European country represented in the top 100 most innovative companies.

A pleasant and fulfilling living environment in the heart of europe

The world's leading tourist destination. France enjoys an ideal geographical position and a developed transport network.

French, an international language

French is very well positioned on the podium as a business language and international information language. Indeed, it is the 5th most widely spoken language with 274

An ideal destination for combining studies and sport

Do you like sport and practice it at a professional level? France could be your destination! Indeed, several French universities offer you the opportunity to pursue your studies in the following areas

Your higher education and to have an intense practice of your sport

Moreover, France is a country which is at the top of the charts in many sports, such as football (world champion for the 2nd star in July 2018), judo with teddy riner, men's handball with a national selection which is the most titled of theWorld. For lovers of sporting events, France organises international sporting events that attract the whole world, such as roland-garros, tour de france, grand Prix de France in Formula 1 and of course Paris will host the 33rd edition of the Summer Olympic Games in 2024.
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