How do I find jobs online?

Digital technology has revolutionised the labour market in recent years. It is becoming unthinkable to apply or submit an application without going online. The web provides access to a large number of job opportunities in addition to the possibility of taking advantage of tips and tricks to put your application forward. To gather useful and practical information or to get in touch with professionals, the Internet has become an indispensable platform. It is an interface where you can find people useful for your professional career, information and practical advice, but above all recruiting structures. Here are a few good reasons to use the internet in your job search:

To take advantage of the abundance of job offers on the internet

Dedicated job sites such as or present hundreds of job advertisements published by job title or category to facilitate the search for candidates who can search by field, job title or geographical area. Several jobboards offer Internet users the opportunity to place their CVs and covering letters on their databases free of charge. For example, the BetterStudy training institute presents numerous job offers in the accounting sector on its site. Open positions as secretary-accountant, bookkeeper, bookkeeper's assistant and accountant or other accounting-related titles are published there. Thanks to the Internet, the candidate has the possibility of responding immediately and online to the various job offers that interest him or her. It is also possible to find out about recruiting companies, the positions on offer and their characteristics in order to get an overview of the job market and its opportunities.

Be connected to others

The Internet is an ideal interface for establishing contacts and business relationships. Simply register on high-visibility social networks such as LinkedIn to gain notoriety and make yourself known on a larger scale. Such sites offer the undeniable advantage of being highly consulted by recruiters who are hyper-active on these networks. It is very likely that you will be contacted or get in touch with a human resources manager in a company or recruitment agency who is interested in the candidate's profile. However, before applying on the net, it is important to have a personal mailbox where the candidate can be contacted by employers. Several courier services offer their services free of charge. This is an opportunity to create a professional e-mail address that is easy to remember by the various contacts.

Getting better organised with the Internet

The Internet has many advantages, including the possibility of contacting several employers and applying for different offers at the same time. The most important thing is to use common sense in organising and managing your priorities. It would be a good idea to create a table with the vacancies that interest the candidate, those to which he or she has already applied and the answers obtained. Such management makes it easier to follow up and send the right answers to the various contacts.

Reaching a wide audience

Thanks to the internet, borders and time barriers are easily overcome. The candidate can get in touch with a company on the other side of the globe with just a few clicks. The internet is accessible and operational anytime and anywhere, 24/7. This is a plus to be taken advantage of to apply at the most opportune time for the candidate, even after office hours. They will have time to get organized and prepare their application before presenting it to the company they are interested in.
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