Studying abroad can transform your academic future: here’s how!

New places, new food, new faces - studying abroad sharpens our curiosity and spirit of adventure. Many people report that they have spent the best time of their lives abroad and have been transformed in many ways. But, what is about academic performance? Surely there must be benefits in this area as well. Whether it's to get better grades, boost your motivation or set clearer goals, studying abroad can transform your academic future and point you in the direction of exactly the career you dream of - here's how:

You rediscover your dynamism

Studying abroad changes your familiar daily routine. It helps you to see things in a new light. Get away from the ordinary and prepare to make a fresh start. You will face every new challenge, at school or university, with renewed curiosity and motivation. You might even find yourself enjoying a subject that used to bore you or enrolling in an unexpected course or programme of study. You'll appreciate your comfort zone more only after you've left it.

Your command of the language is strengthened

Although student exchanges involving a change of country and university for a few months are rightly popular and can improve your language skills, learning a language abroad is an even more accessible way to experience the benefits of studying abroad (full disclosure is our speciality). You can have your language course abroad coincide with a period of holiday or school holidays, or you can take a course after you have finished university to prepare for your next step (see point 6). And whatever language you'll have studied abroad, the difference will be obvious in the classroom. You'll have added new words to your vocabulary, corrected difficult pronunciation problems and be more comfortable talking to your classmates. And who wouldn't love that sense of accomplishment, having seen the improvement of an important skill? It's quite possible that you might even decide to study another language or deepen your existing language skills by following another study programme abroad.

You are better able to manage your studies

After living abroad, you will be able to handle any situation. Think about it, everything will be new when you arrive, from public transport to currency to cultural rites. You will need to find your balance and adapt. Along the way, you'll develop valuable skills such as self-confidence, time management, resourcefulness, discipline and even creativity. Your life experience will be enriched by these skills that will follow you back from your trip. Be prepared to organize your project lists with ease, initiate group projects, think more creatively about tricky issues and prepare for exams with finesse.

You are building important relationships

As the saying goes, it's not what you know that matters, but who you know. New friends, host family members, mentors or teachers can be a source of inspiration for your future school projects. You may get an internship through someone you have met or studied with abroad, in a city you would never have imagined otherwise. You never know what networking can lead to.

You are in a better position to get an internship or a scholarship.

Studying abroad shows people that you are open and curious about the world. It is an investment in yourself and your future that sets you apart from the masses. When you apply for an internship or scholarship, tell us how stimulating and rewarding the experience has been. It may not be an automatic way to get a positive response, but it gives you major advantages

Your objectives will seem clearer to you

It is normal not to know the next steps. Life is not meant to be a straight line and that includes your academic calendar. There is nothing like going abroad to find some space and discover who you are and what your deepest aspirations are. Sometimes a little change is needed to get your motivation going again. Take the time to write down your goals before and after your trip. Compare them and see what changes have occurred.

You are broadening your view of the world

Immersing yourself in a foreign culture is both exciting and stimulating. You learn to communicate across different cultures, discover creative ways of solving problems and expose yourself to new ways of thinking. There's nothing like meeting people who inspire you to look outside the box.
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